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For iFate's I Ching of the Day hexagrams however, all lines are treated as static or unchanging. Each trigram consists of a three-line upper trigram, and a three-line lower trigram.

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Additional meanings hidden in each trigram can lend additional interpretations to each six-line hexagram. Select your sign from the list below to see which hexagram applies to you today. Unlike the daily I Ching, which sets a more general theme for the day, these hexagrams meld astrology with I Ching and seek a shared influence for each zodiac sun-sign.

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Nothing compares to the full experience of a 3 coin I ching reading. Try iFate's free online I Ching readings here.

Its all here in our complete reference, the i-ching index! What is an I Ching of the Day?

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Review the Trigrams. Look-up any I Ching.

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We'll never spam you, and we don't share email addresses. Dear Capricorn, this is what we said about yesterday: You and your significant other could end up in an argument today. Yesterday was the 7th of October ps: Here is today's Capricorn horoscope.