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Admirers came out the woodwork when you were a teenager and you came to understand that you could use this to your advantage. Both Venus-Ascendant and Venus-Midheaven aspects can create real stunners and head-turners. Whatever is attractive about your Venus sign, you are able to use it as a magical charm throughout the world. Dating became a total goal for you at this age, as well as a struggle, due to either constantly being in terrible relationships or finding no one, in spite of your popularity. This only made you more determined to find true love. You do it to boost or reinforce your status as a coveted catch, to cater to your ever-growing slew of admirers.

Also, as you mature, you come to find out just how effectively you get bees with honey and not vinegar. The Midheaven is our strategy for success and you learn that kindness is a deliberate way of getting ahead. Your growing reputation as a sweetheart and how that causes you to succeed says otherwise.

In fact, you will discover that you cannot get away with the unkind, selfish approach that many other people adopt. Not adhering to our Midheaven can cause failure or public judgment.

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Being nice is just expected of you. But, in the process of this, you will come to understand your capacity for kindness. You will actually find yourself feeling more and more accomplished by truly knowing how to be polite, how to keep it classy, or how to always treat others how you want to be treated. This creates a really lovely image that makes you very appreciated in the world. Venus-Midheaven individuals feel highly appreciated for the work that they do and the image that they put out there. Having this placement very often means not being acknowledged for what makes you attractive, lovable, and valuable early in life.

Depending on the state of your Venus, you may have even faced some form of abuse that damaged your self-esteem. But, you will be able to build yourself up and love yourself by knowing how effectively and successfully you can work and how receptive people will be to your professional efforts. The truth is that you are seriously aiming to be loved in life and will be able to carve out a strong relationship with the public that draws a lot of genuine, deeply felt love your way. Much of this will be due to doing something with your life that makes people feel a real bond with you.

Any sort of counseling or a job that involves intimately working with people would be right up your alley. You can also find yourself spreading a lot of love through the workplace with your co-workers and bosses. It just means that you have to really work on your people skills and make sure that you create satisfying relationships for everyone involved. You must engage with people in a way that will yield substantial and respectable results. This will be especially important due to your love life most likely leaving something to be desired.

Many people with this energy can definitely take advantage of their popularity on the dating market and entertain many love interests while ending up with no one, either intentionally or by circumstance. Others will barely give dating or marriage a thought, directing that energy primarily toward their work and the former state can definitely lead to the latter. Not being able to find someone to happily be with on a romantic level, long-term, can be a perpetual struggle for you.

After all, the Midheaven can show what we struggle with, which ultimately leads to our success. The truth is that love Venus is hard work Midheaven for you. You value a significant other who is really going to step up to the plate and put all of the required effort into it. The people who are attracted to you are often just attracted to the image of you and the notion of being with you.

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It leaves you in a state where a lot of people want you yet the majority of them get intimidated or daunted by the prospect of actually being with you. It feels like being by your side, as a romantic partner, comes with a lot of pressure, maybe because people have built up this reputation of you being such a beauty or such a stud.

However, as heartbreaking as this can be on a personal level, you can really learn to capitalize on that sex appeal of yours. Venus does, after all, represent sexual feelings. It takes people in the world constantly lauding you as a sex symbol for you to see it and utilize it yourself. You attract the right person when you are on this truly purposeful path of happiness. This brings you the relationship that can make you happy. Your romantic partnerships can play out very publicly, being the talk of the town or due to you making professional moves together.

Love feels like such an achievement for you, especially since it is hard-earned in your life.

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So, you want to achieve great things with who you love, which can also mean good friends, as you can make wonderful friendships on the job, too. When it comes to romance, particularly, there will be some calculation there. You will come to learn that you must get into romantic relationships very deliberately in order for them to work. Experiencing many failed romances will eventually teach you this lesson. I also often see Venus-Midheaven people who had no healthy example of love in their formative years and who now have to really work to get it right and these negative effects can be seen quite publicly.

Sign Emphasis

Once you do, you very much game-plan your way into their heart. Also, since your success and public profile can be so dependent on them, how you deal with bumps in the road or endings in said relationships will be just as strategic. After all, you put in too much work to just be careless about them. You may have quietly optimistic or exaggerated expectations of life due to parental influence. There is usually success in achieving challenging objectives and self-confidence is increased, with a sense of pride in achievement.

Events over which you have no direct control may bring you to prominence; but such a position will have been attained because of experience and reputation or maybe due to inheritance. There is a tendency to distance yourself from others and often your ambitions and aspirations are so powerful that you miss out on a great deal of fun - the joy of time spent with a partner for instance. Self-doubt is indicated here. A difficult aspect causing difficult challenges and if not careful, thwarted ambitions.

There will be no lack of of caution - or ambition.

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This influence will help the individual to reach the top in whichever way is most desirable - although it will be a slow road, but with your patience and practicality this should not be so difficult. You will identify with all the positive Saturn qualities: the need for order and security, a sense of duty and responsibility.

From a psychological point of view there may be an identification with power, so that you want to be in a strong or powerful position - perhaps taking up the cause of colleagues through trade union work. Sometimes, too, there is an attraction to politics. A tendency to be rebellious and a need to work independently are both present, with you only functioning at your best when unhampered by interfering superiors. Brilliance and great originality are usually shown in the work. This may eventually result in a tendency to become over-apprehensive over the slightest problem. This could influence you on making hasty decisions, and possibly many career changes.

Unreliability and stubbornness are indicated here too. This aspect adds originality. Your natural dynamism will be noticed at work, but care is needed that a tendency to make sudden changes does not impede the long term progress. You will be keen to break fresh ground, especially in the development of new ideas, and to outwit rivals by taking unexpected action.

Drastic changes of direction within the career or professional life are likely with this aspect. Brilliance and great originality are usually shown in your work. You may be easily deceived.

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You have a lack of self-confidence and confused objectives, and are inclined to be easily deceived. You may have a tendency to fall back on rather devious tactics when attempting to gain promotion or to try to curry favour with those in authority. An underhanded streak is common and you may pull the wool over people's eyes to say it mildly!

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