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Yes, Aquarius, there is no doubt about it -- your urge to rebel and shake things up is about to "go home," literally. You might suddenly decide that you can't take living where you are or who you're with for one moment longer.

Aquarius Horoscope - Love for January 16,

You might also find that there is some type of major change happening in your family dynamic. This doesn't have to be a negative shift, but it is likely to be separative and more liberating on some level. Don't stress about it. Instead, know that something about your living situation has become stale and now all you're doing is correcting things. Because you just don't do very well with ruts.

Aquarius Sep 16/17-Sep 22 2019: Beware! The arrogant one trying to come back! Heavy reading!

There's also going to be one last eclipse in a serious on January 21 in your partnership sector. This is a Lunar Eclipse, so if you found a shaky year in your relationship, it's possible that you and your mate will decide to say goodbye. Don't assume this has to be an ending, though. Lunar Eclipses bring complete illumination about matters.

Today's Aquarius Horoscope - Wednesday, October 9, 12222

Maybe you just needed to realize how much you love each other. You are on the threshold of a new sentimental stage in which dreams materialize and your fantasies crystallize.

Everything is possible when the will is set in motion, do not forget it and if you still use the Aquarian inventiveness then the result is phenomenal. Keep in mind that the position of Ceres in your opposite sign tends to cause certain delays in your affairs so do not be impressed by those who approach you to dissuade you from your plans because they could be uninformed, or worse, envious people.

Love This astral landscape is very dynamic and augurs some successful days, particularly when it comes to defining situations and cementing what both you and your partner will use to consolidate your relationship in a more effective and direct way. Health Your neck and chest may be somewhat loaded on this day. Do not worry because there are health situations that do not necessarily imply a disease or disorder and that may be due to a bad position at the time of sleeping or sitting.

Work This is a very active Wednesday because you are in the middle of your work week and under a huge effluvium that turns you on mentally. Follow your ideas, do not be discouraged even if they tell you that they are not worth it. What you believe will give promising results.

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Money and Luck There is money in an economic evolution that was in a process of freezing or detainment. You receive a late payment or an invitation to participate in an event or activity that will give you an income and will help you to keep up with your payments.

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