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It is only a matter of time before these thugs kill someone. Just like the Portland police, who also did nothing…. I appreciate the coverage however. An attack one one reporter is an attack on all reporters, regardless of their political affiliation.

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Do you really think this story would be covered in this way if a CNN reporter was brutally attacked but far right extremists? But there are also serious risks involved with putting yourself in volatile situations. Any journalist should know that…. Also: this whole event should be seen through the context of what it is…an information war. A number of people who go to these protests are looking for fights or to document them.

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And how can one writer speak for the entire NYT? Olson is attacking me because I believe that Heather Heyer was brutally murdered by a guy who ran his car into her and others. I guess that means my politics are just about right. I could argue with both but why bother. There are angels and demons on both side of the political aisle. It is OK to passionately disagree.

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This is typical of how the mainstream media covers such episodes. Ngo is an independant investigator. A man with a cell phone and some will power. The Portland Police have been ordered to stand down when Antifa is involved. The mayor of Portland is a Marxist. He has given up the proper monopoly on violence that is rightfully held by the police and given it to the mob. I will never go to Portland again and I will not do any business with any company based in Portland.

When I visited Portland last December, a man dressed in black, riding an all black cargo bike, glowered at me from behind a black surgical mask as he passed. There were no demonstrations going on that day. Just a typical day in Portland. But they clearly had it coming because they were capable of beating up those soyboys!

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Ten Proud Boys members have been arrested and charged with riot and attempted assault, the Times reported. The video footage shows a Proud Boys member, identified by the Times as year-old Pennsylvania resident Maxwell Hare, running at protesters before swinging punches and being joined by other group members, as the demonstrators fight back….. They only stepped in after everything was over. MSM implicitly or explicitly supports and defends Antifa wherever and whenever possible.

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Defense of Ngo is weak almost everywhere. They are already finding it impossible to get staff. Thanks for using the B word in a quote. Next step, start using it to describe its adherents such as Antifa. Antifa are Bolsheviks, let them own their history of multiculturalist led ethnic murder and genocide. Reactionaries like the Nazis were what their name suggests, people reacting, usually to revolutionaries like the Antifa which is precisely what happened in s Central Europe.

I think Stalinist like the original Antifa or Maoist, rather than Bolshevik or Leninist, would be more accurate. I greatly admired all those original pictures of Andy Ngo al the time here on Quillette, and really hope he will soon be the old Andy, sorry Andy, feel for you! The Nazi party was also characterized early on, by groups of young men Thugs walking around the streets beating people up.

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This is a highly inaccurate statement. Fields was trying to escape the area but roads were blocked, which forced him to drive into the attacking crowds who were vandalizing his car and trying to drag him out to be beaten. Heyer was never touched by his car. Her thoracic aorta was completely severed by that trauma.

This caused the cardiac arrest. It is kind of like saying someone who was shot in the heart died of a heart attack. Hate is hate, violence is violence and murder is murder. I stand corrected on her obesity.

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  7. However I believe that we can all agree that her weight was irrelevant in the circumstances. Pick any Olympic athlete. Hit them hard enough to completely sever their thoracic aorta. That is a really ignorant conspiracy theory about how Heather Heyer died. You can demonize Antifa all you want without spouting nonsense about the death in Charlottesville. Geofiz — thanks for the link, but a couple of questions. Fields was convicted of 1st degree murder of Heyer, meaning the jury found he acted with premeditation. Prosecutors initially charged him with 2nd degree murder but later upgraded the charge when a video taken from a security camera was found which showed that Heyer had stopped with the crowd in front of him, reversed a short distance and then sped forward into the crowd.

    The jury recommended years and there will certainly be an appeal. Neonazis everywhere should hang their heads in shame that they did worse than the worst Muslim terrorist. Frankly, it is pathetic. Better stay in Portland where daddy court system protects you. He is most to blame. Dude, she died of a heart attack because of the trauma of getting hit in the chest by a car. Disingenuous statements help no one. No they are Bolsheviks, the internationalist and multicultural thugs that provoked the Brownshirt reaction.

    Sorry to sound pedantic on this point but Antifa and their Red ilk were thugging before Hitler came to power. Think of them as Old School thugs. It is important to say it loud and clear that antifa are just as despicable as their historical predecessors. Their tactics are modeled on antifas.

    You mean black shirts. You want to talk about cosplay? You are right-wing propaganda, and your buddy Andy is boosting right-wing propaganda. Call yourself neutral all you want, but if someone throws a milkshake at you, check those fascist urges. Nobody threw quick-dry cement.

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